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Doctor Consultancy

Due to the advancement of technology, we can do most of our works online. Then why not doctor consultation? Yes, you read it right. You can avail online doctor consultation in India at Sridhar Homecare Solutions . We have some of the best doctors in Kolkata in our team. You may contact them at any time! Our online doctor consultation rates are highly affordable. Still not convinced? Please read on.

• What is online doctor consultation?

Sridhar Homecare Solution has an online chatting and video calling interface. Using this, you can converse directly with any of our doctors. You may choose any doctor from our selection. However, if you are confused about who will be right for you, then let us know. Our team of medical experts will guide you through the whole process. However, our doctor consultation service is meant for minor cases. If the patient is in serious condition and needs immediate medical attention, please contact your nearest hospital.

• Why you should choose online doctors?

Online consultation is fairly a new trend in the healthcare industry in India. However, within a few years, this will be the norm. Here are a few advantages of going for online consultations.

• Saves time and travel cost

Time is valuable. And with today's heavy workload, the time has become more valuable. Online doctor consultation will save you and the doctor a lot of time. You can speak with the doctor right from your home. There won't be a waste of time on travel. This also reduces travel costs.

• One-to-one communication and privacy

No matter whichever doctor's chambers you visit, there will be a third person. This creates a problem for the patient as they want privacy. However, with this service, you will get the privacy of your home. Moreover, you will be able to explain your health problems properly as you are comfortable.

• Recording

You can record the whole consultation and listen to it again and again. We tend to forget the doctor's direction as we are uncomfortable in the chamber. So, we have to talk to the doctor repeatedly to get clarification on everything. However, with doctor consultation online this is not the issue. You may easily record the whole conversation and listen to it.

• Online prescription

A handwritten prescription may not be always legible. However, in online doctor consultation, you will get an e-prescription. As it will be in an e-text format, you can easily read it. You may directly send the prescription to your pharmacist as well.

Sridhar Homecare Solutions provides one of the best online doctor consultation platforms in Kolkata.

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Trained Attendant

Now getting a home healthcare service is no big deal. Due to recent technological advancement, it is possible to get high-quality treatment at home. Yes, treatment at home is possible! You don't need to get admitted to hospitals for minor things. Generally, elderly patients need frequent treatment. However, staying in a hospital for months can be quite a costly affair. Hiring caregivers and nurses in hospitals can impact your finance tremendously. So, what should you do? Well, hire a trained attendant at home! We provide trained attendant at home in Kolkata at the cheapest price.

• Who are Medical Attendants?

Trained medical attendants are professional care-givers. They will not only handle the day-to-day minor activities but also medical needs. They can administer injections and handle medical equipment. In addition to that, they have a good knowledge of medicines and drugs. If you have an elderly patient at home, then you should definitely hire a trained attendant at home in Kolkata. They are taught to handle elderly patients nicely. So, you don't have to worry about a thing. They will take good care of your patients mentally and physically.

• What are some of the qualities you need to check before hiring a medical caregiver?

Investing time to investigate about the caregiver is vital if you wish the best service for your patient. Here are some of the qualities you should look for:
      • Friendliness: The mental condition of a patient is weak when they are sick. So, the trained attendant should be gentle, kind, and friendly. If they are rude and aggressive, then it may have a negative impact on the patient.
      • Certification: Ensure that the caregiver has a certification from a good institute. This should prove that they have the right training.
      • Work experience: If your patient is in a critical state, go for attendants who have work experience. They will know how to handle such patients.
      • Hygiene and cleanliness: Germs and bacteria can affect the patient. So, the attendant should follow cleanliness and hygiene. Health condition: Ensure that the attendant is healthy and not having any disease. Even minor fever and cold can affect the patient.

• Where to hire a trained attendant at home in Kolkata?

Sridhar Homecare Solution provides home care services at affordable rates. We have a team of expert trained attendants inKolkata who have years of experience. We have some of the best attendants in Kolkata with us. They have proper training and know-how to take care of patients. So, if you wish to hire a caregiver, you can leave a message here or make us a call! We will surely reply.

If you wish to learn more about our Trained Attendence service, please CALL NOW!

Respiratory Care

According to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) survey, there is a substantial number of respiratory diseases in India. Chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD are the most common. There are several reasons for this huge number. However, no exact reason is yet known! With the rise in such diseases, respiratory care therapy has become popular. Every prominent hospital has a respiratory care unit.

• What is respiratory therapy?

It is the treatment of patients having acute and chronic respiratory diseases. In simple words, it's a treatment that helps to breathe properly. This procedure is conducted by Respiratory therapists! They assess the disease and then recommend the right treatment. However, one must verify whether the therapist is certified or not.
At Sridhar Homecare Solutions , we have a team of certified respiratory therapists. They have years of experience and specialize in their field. We provide healthcare facilities right at your home also.
Proper respiratory therapy requires high-quality equipment and a certified professional. At Sridhar Homecare Solution you will get both at budget-friendly prices. We have some of the latest BiPAP, CPAP, Humidifiers, Oxygen Concentrators and more. These devices are vital for the correct treatment. If you are looking for respiratory care therapy devices, just make us a call. We have a wide selection of medical equipment in our stock.
Sridhar Homecare Solution provides all types of medical equipment at minimal costs. We also offer a rental service! So, if you wish to rent any product, do let us know.

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Nowadays, more and more people are leaning towards physiotherapy at home. It consists of various massages, stretching, and exercises. As this does not involve any drugs it is in high demand. However, the key is to get proper Physiotherapy service. The physiotherapist must have enough experience for offering great service. So, do check whether the professional has done a physiotherapy course.
There are different physiotherapy methods for different conditions. So, you need to find the right physiotherapist. With proper physiotherapy at home, there will be a drastic improvement. However, this procedure is not only meant for patients. It is also useful for people who want to lessen body pain. So, if you are seeking a good physiotherapist in Kolkata, do let us know here.

• What are the different Physiotherapy methods?

With time, physiotherapy methods have evolved. Due to the advancement of technology, many devices are incorporated. Here are some of the popular physiotherapy methods.
Manual Therapy: Involves hands-on techniques to reduce pain. It causes a reduction of inflammation as well.
Exercise: Most of us neglect our daily exercise due to workload. However, many exercises relieve stress and reduce body pain. These fall under physiotherapy.
Pilates: These must be done under the guidance of a professional. These help in addressing musculoskeletal injuries, balance disorders, nerve-related issues, and more.
Taping: A k-tape is used on the target part. This reduces pain and improves body movements. It also aids in preventing injury.
There are several other forms of Physiotherapies like Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound therapy, and more.

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy at home?

This procedure has come as a boon for many seniors, chronically ills, and disabled people. This helps in restoring and maintaining normal physical functions. With proper and long-term physiotherapy a person's life can improve a lot! Here are some of the benefits of this service:
Decreases body pain
Increases joint movement
Increases body strength.
Improves body movement coordination
Improves cardio and respiratory systems.
Privacy, as you are doing it at home.
No need to travel anywhere.
The comfort of home.
So, if you are looking for low-cost physiotherapy at home, check Sridhar Homecare Solution . We offer amazing physiotherapy services at minimal prices. We have a team of certified professionals who have years of experience.

If you wish to learn more about our physiotherapy service, please CALL NOW!

Sleep Therapy

The Polysomnography or sleepy study is a procedure used to detect any sleep disorders in a person. It comes with a device that records your brain waves, oxygen level, breathing, movement in limbs, and heart rate during sleep. It is generally done at the hospital under the guidance of an expert. However, you can do it at home. You need to purchase the device for it. You can find a variety of Sleep study kits on Sridhar Homecare Solution's website.

• How to prepare for the Sleep Study?

A Sleep study is a medical test so you need to prepare accordingly. Here are some of the things you need to do before the test.
Avoid consuming any alcoholic or caffeinated drink.
Don't take naps in the daytime.
Take a bath before moving to bed with the Polysomnography device.
Avoid using any kind of skincare products on your body before using this.
Keep the room completely dark when you sleep.
How to use the Polysomnography device?
The sleep study kit will come with few devices inside. You may wear a T-shirt or any kind of nightwear. The equipment will be placed on your torso.

• Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Put the abdomen belt: It will go on your abdomen. It would be great if there is someone to help you wear it. It should not become loose. This is used for measuring your breathing.
2. Fix the chest belt: This will have a rectangle device in the middle which will go to the center of your chest. Fix the belts in position. Ensure its fairly snug like the abdomen belt. It will register how you are sleeping—Whether on your abdomen, back or chest.
3. Plug the wires into the rectangle device: If you check your kit, you will find few wires with flat plugs. You have to fix them on the device on your chest belt. There will be a wire on the rectangle device. You have to fix that on the device as well.
4. Attach the round head wire on your neck: You will find a round head wire in the kit. Place it on the neck on the pulse area with a tape.
5. Put the cannula into your nose: Transparent thin pipes in the kit will go into your nasal area. There will be a sensor on the wire which will hang in front of your mouth. Plugin the other end of the cannula and the sensor wire into the rectangle device.
6. Put the cable on your finger: One clip-like thing will be there. Use it on any finger and tape the cable properly.
7. Once everything is set up. You have to switch it on.
However, if you are unable to follow the instructions. You may contact us on our website. We have a team of medical-technical professionals who will demonstrate the procedure to you.

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Critical Care

During life-threatening health conditions, a patient is provided with critical care services. The critical care units in the hospital have advanced technologies. These technologies stabilize the vital organ system in the body in a short time. Special teams of medical practitioners handle such machines. There are different types of critical care units: Paediatric intensive care, adult intensive care, and more. All these units require various kinds of equipment. Hospitals must have the latest and high-quality equipment for this purpose.

What equipment is used in the critical care unit?

There are several kinds of devices and instruments in the Intensive critical care unit. Depending on the type of unit, the hospital should consist of the right medical equipment. Here are some of the common devices you will see in the emergency ward.

• ICU beds:
The beds that you find in the ICU are different from the ones you see in normal cabins. They have an extra comfort level for the patient.
• ICU monitors
The patients who are put into ICU are connected with bedside monitors. These monitors look like a computer screen. They provide information about heart rate, temperature, ECG, and more.
• Zyringe pump
The syringe pump delivers a small amount of medications to the patient. However, this pump requires attention at all times. Visitors should never touch these when it is in use. These also come with alarms to alert the staff of any problems.
• Ventilators
There are additional breathing machines in case the patient is unable to breathe properly. These are strong enough to help the patient to breathe easily.
Other critical care devices used are CVC, Saturation Monitor, Blood pressure cuff, and more.
At Sridhar Homecare Solution , we provide critical care unit devices for selling and renting out. We have already sold and rented out many of our ICU products. We have supplied medical equipment to half of the hospitals in Kolkata.

If you wish to learn more about our Critical Care service, please CALL NOW!

Elder Care Services

What is Elder Care service?
Elder care or Senior citizen care is a specialized treatment for elderly people. This treatment encompasses all the services required for taking care of the aged. It includes medications, nursing, physiotherapy, psychological treatment, and more. There are different treatment plans for the elderly of different ages and health conditions. Specially trained medical practitioners take care of the elderly in this service. They not only provide them medical treatment but assist them to live a normal life. Sridhar Homecare Solution provide elder care service in Kolkata at economical costs. If you wish to learn more about this elder care service, please read on.
Why is Elder Care important?
As a person ages, he or she starts losing body strength and immunity power. So, they require special attention and treatment. Mostly, at this age, people tend to feel low as they are unable to live normally like before. This affects their mind tremendously. However, with proper elder care service, one can start feeling better physically and mentally.
Due to workload, children are unable to take good care of their elderly parents. This has a devastating effect on elderly parents. They become sad and lose interest in things. This also takes a toll on their physical health. So, one should try to take the help of elderly care services for their parents. If you are looking for an elder care service in Kolkata, then you should try out Sridhar Homecare Solution.
Sridhar Homecare Solution is among the largest medical equipment suppliers in Kolkata. However, they provide other special services such as elder care service, physiotherapy, respiratory care, and more. They have a team of medical practitioners who are specialized in elder care services. They have years of experience and have worked at some of the best hospitals in Kolkata. Still not convinced? Well, if you wish you may talk to us directly. We will share all the details about our elder care service to you.

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